Environmental sustainability – NAJ3

Environmental sustainability

For every NAJ3 Mask we offer you 1€.
For a more sustainable future, it is an objective that NAJ3 seeks to support. With this initiative we seek to reduce and recycle textile waste and waste by bringing it to an appropriate end. Follow us in this direction and help us reduce the volume of waste, thereby contributing to a better world.
Send us your old masks, each one of them has the value of 1€, and therefore the value is accrued. After reception we will make a discount coupon available to you via e-mail so that you can use it in a next purchase on our website.
Discount coupon is not cumulative with other active promotions.
The shipping costs will not be borne by NAJ3.
The masks shall have the original label.
In order to be able to join this inciative, please send us your masks by following the form attached below to the following address:
Confeção Carnel – NAJ3 
Rua da Restauração Nº263 
4820-203 Fafe 
Form NAJ3 1Euro Mask.
Any questions please contact us via e-mail: naj3portugal@gmail.com