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Privacy policy

Politics of Privacy


The present Politics of Privacy is intended informing it about the rules and adopted proceedings shears NAJ3 in what it respects to the treatment of the collected data when it sails in the website and when it uses the funcionalidades for him offered, as well as informing it of the security measures and of confidencialidade you were applying. THE NAJ3 recognizes the importance of protecting his personal data. So, we develop a set of measures of security that aim at the protection of his data. There will be considered personal data relative to persons younger than 18 years, as well as any order will not be recognized by these effectuated online. 

The user, while effectuating his register or online purchase, guarantees definitely to the NAJ3 his permission in using his personal data and I address, as well as the data referring to his purchases and means of payment. These data will be guarded and treated informaticamente, being able to be used for aims of communication that it reinforces and personalizes the offer of products, services, promotional or publicity campaigns or for orders processing. The personal data of the users / clients of this website, will be treated as an agreement and in accordance with the Portuguese Commission of Protection of Data.


Our Politics of Privacy


The user has a right to the protection of his personal data. THE NAJ3 respects the right of the users to the information on the gathering and treatment of his personal data. 

While sailing in the website, the user accepts and give his permission expressed to the gathering and further treatment of personal data it shears NAJ3, in accordance with the terms and constant conditions of the present Politics of Privacy and for the aims in her indicated. It will have to read attentively this document and it hardly will navigate and / or subject information through the website if he agrees with the respective terms. 

The Production Carnel Lda - official partner and gestor of the site - act like the controlador of personal data, it determines the finalities and the ways by which his personal data are prosecuted, including all the security measures. The Production Carnel Lda, it guarantees that they are treated the personal data in Portugal of a correct and lawful form and in accordance with the good practices. 

In the treatment of data that can identify it personally, straightly or indirectly, we apply the beginning of the strict necessity. For this reason, this website was conceived so that the use of his personal data is least and does not exceed the original finality for which they were gathered and / or prosecuted. 

This Politics of Privacy is intended supplying with him all the informations that it needs to understand our privacy practices. However, if it needs additional explanations relatively to this Politics of Privacy it can put his questions through the e-mail: